11/16/2012 05:00 am ET

'The X Factor' Double Elimination: Which Two Acts Were Sent Home? (VIDEO)

A double-elimination on "The X Factor" meant one act didn't even get the chance to sing for survival. Towards the top of the show, Lyric 145 were simply eliminated. Later, though, the bottom two acts of the remaining finalists got the chance to perform. Both came from Demi Lovato's Young Adults category.

Paige Thomas faced off against Jennel Garcia, and out of nowhere Paige gave the performance of her life. Celebuzz called her performance "haunting" and "emotional." It was probably the best she's sounded thus far in the competition.

After L.A. Reid and Britney Spears both voted to send Jennel home, Simon Cowell refused to answer -- wanting to see who Demi would pick. She stalled for a bit, but finally went with Paige. Then, Simon sealed Jennel's fate by sending her home with the third vote. While it could be awkward for Demi and Paige next week -- considering Demi was the sole vote to eliminate her -- it may be that she chose Paige so that her vote wouldn't be the deciding one.

Once again, the final rankings were revealed for the entire Top 10, and once again the Top 3 remained unchanged. Vino Alan came in third, with Carly Rose Sonenclar in second and Tate Stevens at the top. It was revealed, though, that there was only 1/3 of one percentage point between the top two slots, so it's a tight race at the top.

"The X Factor" continues on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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