'Two And A Half Men' Has A Surprise Guest Star, But Who Is The Old Guy? (VIDEO)

If you were struggling to recognize the guest star on "Two and a Half Men" this week, it's understandable. After Lindsey told Alan she wanted more of a commitment from him -- or she might have to move on -- he was dealing with his own insecurities and fears about that. So he headed down to the bar to drown his sorrows.

There, he met an old man who offered him advice; some of it good, some of it strange and all of it tinged with plenty of digs at sad sack Alan. But who was this curmudgeonly old man?

It was Jon Cryer, caked in a ton of make-up and prosthetics, slinging insults at his "younger" self. Entertainment Weekly reports that it took four hours in the makeup chair to create "old Alan," or Sid, for that role. Maybe that's why they used him again, when for no logical reason Alan had him over to the house where he could hit on Rose and drink with the guys.

It might be fun for old Sid to become a recurring character to sling insults at Alan. Find out if he ever returns and keep tuning in to "Two and a Half Men," Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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