11/17/2012 02:19 pm ET

Neil Everett Curses On Sportscenter: ESPN Anchor Says 'Son Of A Bitch' (VIDEO)

Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

I was getting worried for a second. It had been so long since we had someone at ESPN get caught on air using bad words they weren't supposed to.

Neil Everett is the latest victim of a microphone left on just a skosh too long as he muttered "son of a bitch" heading into a commercial break during a late Friday night SportsCenter. While these kind of episodes are more humorous than anything else, my favorite part is always the forced apology afterwards.

Everett's is one of the best I've seen as it's so direct and blunt as co-anchor Stan Verrett just sits there awkwardly looking on. When will people learn, the mic is always hot!

Both videos after the jump...