11/19/2012 08:05 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

'The Walking Dead': Some Good News For A Change As Someone Is Not Dead After All (VIDEO)

Good news isn't easy to come by on "The Walking Dead." It's about as bleak a world as could be imagined, but the survivors in the prison nevertheless had a reason to at least smile for a moment. Not only did Rick come out of his self-imposed, zombie-slaying rampage long enough to hold his baby, but one of their own -- previously assumed dead -- turned out to be very much alive.

Unlike poor T-Dog, Carol's body was never found. This week, Daryl found her knife stuck in a walker. Then, thinking there was a zombie trying to get out of one of the closets in the prison, he opened the door to find her alive and -- probably not so well. But alive!

Meanwhile, that ringing phone turned out to be Rick Grimes going mad. On the other end, he heard the voices of the people who'd died along the way, culminating in a bizarre chat with Lori. With his mental state so fractured, what will be the fate of the survivors? Especially now that they've done an unexpected switch with Woodbury.

Merle was sent to kill Michonne after she was allowed to leave Woodbury. But she escaped him. Instead, he got Glen and Maggie. But after overhearing them talking about a prison, Michonne found her way to Rick and his gang. Looks like the two worlds are going to be colliding soon.

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