11/20/2012 10:32 am ET

Hozae Milton Skinned Cats, Dogs, Kept Their Meat In Freezer, Florida Police Say

In a horrific display of random violence, a Florida man allegedly took area pets home in a shopping cart, skinned them and kept their meat and body parts in the freezer.

Cops say Hozae Milton, 43, of Jacksonville was reported when neighbors noticed fur pelts hanging over his fence.

Another witness reportedly saw him skinning a dog in his front yard on Thursday before carrying it inside, according to

Other neighbors told police that a healthy cat had recently gone missing from the area, and that Milton had drowned out the sound of a barking dog with loud music.

The complaints led police to Milton's home, where they found pelts of dogs and cats, a rib cage and several plastic containers filled with meat in the freezer, and an eyeball in a plastic container, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Paws and an unidentified animal's ear were also found on the property.

When told that witnesses had seen him skinning a dog, Milton told officers, "It must not have been me," and laughed, according to reports obtained by the paper. When told he was being arrested, he reportedly became aggressive and spit at officers.

He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, possession of dog and cat pelts with intent to sell and illegal possession of a shopping cart, according to FCN.

Members of Milton's family said he has mental health issues.

"I was actually shocked. We knew that he had some issues and we tried to help him as much as possible," his brother, Ronnie Milton, told "I don't know what brought him to this point, but we've always loved animals."