11/20/2012 04:53 am ET

'Intervention': After Her Parents Did Nothing When She Was Raped, Teen Fell Into Alcohol, Drugs (VIDEO)

On "Intervention," 24-year-old Megan was two years into a heroin addiction. Her downward spiral began when she was just 15. She started using alcohol, ecstasy and meth after she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.

But Megan’s mother blames Megan for the rape. "She dressed really promiscuous around him," she said. "I think Megan wanted revenge because I left their dad. I found happiness and she wanted to ruin my happiness."

Megan's mother abandoned her husband and kids, saying she wanted a life of her own. As for Megan's father, he didn't do anything after the rape either. He said he thought his ex wife would “take care of it.”

No charges were ever brought against the man who raped Megan, and Megan’s mom left, moving across the country with him, after it happened. Her mother did apologize at the intervention, which may have helped encourage Megan to go into treatment.

Megan has now been sober since May 2012 and is in cosmetology school.

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