11/20/2012 01:44 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

America's Naughtiest Retailers: Consumer Reports

It’s not just bratty kids who are in danger of finding coal in their stockings this year. Some big-name companies have made the naughty list too.

Consumer Reports rounded up the naughtiest retailers of the year, using the helpful suggestions of staff and Facebook users to compile the list. What gets a company on customers' bad side? Maybe “hidden or tricky fees, [or] fine print,” as Tod Marks, Consumer Reports’ senior editor, told TODAY.

That helps explain why Time Warner shows up below. The cable giant has annoyed plenty of customers in the past, including comedian Eugene Mirman, who took out an entire ad just to complain about the cable provider. Then there's Patrick Stewart, who tweeted this year that the company had made him lose “the will to live.” Whoops.

Here are Consumer Reports' naughtiest retailers of the year:

Consumer Reports' 'Naughty' Retailer List