11/20/2012 02:38 pm ET

Tom Scharpling, Ted Leo To Host Hurricane Sandy Benefit Show With Chris Elliot, John Hodgman, Andrew WK & More

The director of some of your favorite, funny music videos is coming together with one of the coolest indie rockers, for a night of comedy and do-gooding... our two favorite things.

Tom Scharpling, host of WFMU's "The Best Show", and Ted Leo of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists are hosting "A Very Special Hurricane Benefit Show" on December 7th at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. The event will feature performances by the likes of Chris Elliott, John Hodgman, Andrew WK, Jon Benjamin, Julie Klausner and more, and all proceeds will go to Occupy Sandy and The Siller Foundation, both of which provide relief to the areas hit hardest by Sandy..

Both Scharpling and Leo are from New Jersey, so the tragedy of the hurricane is very close to home. "We were both devastated by the scale of what happened," says Scharpling. "As soon as we had a working phone connection, we talked about what we could do to help out. And putting an event together that can raise some money seemed like a great way."

The announced talent promises to deliver an eclectic mix of comedy and music. Scharpling explains, "We have really tried to put together a show that features people you might not see at events like this. The idea of having Chris Elliott still blows my mind. And we're not done working on the bill yet - there will be more surprises to come."

But the fun won't end with the awesome lineup. The audience also will have the opportunity to pick up some cool stuff for a good cause. "We will be auctioning off some awesome items... If any of my famous friends are reading this, go in your closets now and find something we can sell!"

Tickets for "A Very Special Hurricane Benefit Show" can be purchased at Ticket Web.

If you're in the New York area and looking for a way to help those in need over the holiday weekend OR if you want to let others know about a particular way they can help, take a look at our interactive map and add an alert of your own.



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