11/20/2012 03:42 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2013

'Vertigo House' In San Francisco: Owners Defend Recent Changes (PHOTOS)

Hanna and Sandy Suleiman have had enough.

After more than two decades of residing inside an iconic piece of San Francisco film history, the couple has devised a scheme they hope will deter the throngs of tourists who flock to their doorstep on a daily basis.

The Suleimans own the house at 900 Lombard Street, which is where Jimmy Stewart's character lived in the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock thriller "Vertigo." Since they moved into the space 23 years ago, they've endured unwanted visitors ringing their doorbell, hanging out on their lawn and even throwing garbage onto their property.

So they decided to erect a six-foot wall in front of their home.

"The noise starts at 8:30 in the morning and goes at least until 5:30 nonstop," Hanna Suleiman told the San Francisco Chronicle. "We can't even open our windows or door, or watch TV."

But film enthusiasts are outraged at the change, and also at the Suleimans' new entryway and the stucco they've added over the brick chimney. "They've ruined it," one visitor said, according to the Chronicle.

Earlier this year, "Vertigo" made history when British magazine Sight & Sound deemed it the best movie of all time, providing more fodder for tourists to visit the film's San Francisco sites.

The Suleimans' home is listed on many online movie locations guides, all of which list the building's address. "There's no point in disturbing the current residents by trying to peer in," a post on The Alfred Hitchock Wiki reads. "The interiors were all shot in Hollywood."

Still, the couple maintains that the changes were necessary for their own peace of mind. "It's our house, we paid for it," Hanna Suleiman said to the Chronicle. "We want to enjoy it."

Take a look at some of the (less controversial) stops on the "Vertigo" tour below, and click over to the Chronicle to see what the famed house looks like now:

San Francisco Vertigo Tour