11/21/2012 12:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chinese Girl, 21, Wears Dress Made Of Money (PHOTO)

If you've ever worn a cool dress that you thought was so money ("Swingers"-style), you've just been one-upped: a 21-year-old in China has a dress that's literally made of banknotes.

The girl posted photos of herself in the frock on Weibo, China's major social networking site, according to Beijing Cream. It's actually kind of cute: accessorized with a yellow belt and pink cloth straps, the bodice and skirt fan out into an array of pastel banknotes. REAL banknotes, allegedly.

The website also translated the text the girl wrote on her post about the origins of the dress. She claims it's a 21st birthday gift from her "daddy":

To celebrate this princess’s big 21st birthday, daddy considerately sent an exceedingly gorgeous cream cake, daddy is just the cutest! The most fun is nevertheless this “conjoined banknote dress” I’m wearing apparently worth 200,000 yuan, a present my daddy racked his brains to buy for me, isn’t it praiseworthy! Sisters, don’t be covetous. Shocked by the value of the dress, all those CHANEL, LV in my closet are worthless now.

She says that the frock comprises the equivalent of 200,000 Chinese yuan, which would cash in at about $32,000, although one commenter on Beijing Cream claims that the bills are actually Ukrainian banknotes worth around $200 total.

One thing's for sure: we wouldn't walk down the streets of any city with that much actual moolah on display.


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