11/21/2012 01:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Los Alamos Market And Cocina, Missouri Restaurant, Shut Down After Dead Deer Is Found In Its Freezer

Remember last month, when we told you about a Chinese restaurant in Kentucky that was shut down after roadkill was found in its kitchen? Well something eerily similar has just occurred at a Mexican restaurant, location in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to Agustin Juarez, the owner of Los Alamos Market And Cocina, a customer asked him for a favor -- to use his freezer to store a dead deer. The next day, Juarez was coincidentally visited by a health inspector who discovered the animal and shut the restaurant down for fear of contamination. The deer was still fully intact -- fur and all.

For the restaurant to re-open, Juarez must dispose of the deer using a special company and ensure that the food was not tainted. Juarez insists that the carcass did not come into contact with any food and he wants to prove that the deer was killed legally and was not contaminated. While that may be the case, let this be a lesson for all other restaurant owners: do not store a dead animal that doesn't come from a butcher in your restaurant.

See the news report below:

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CORRECTION: We originally abbreviated Missouri to Miss., which is the abbreviation for Mississippi, not Missouri.



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