11/21/2012 05:49 am ET

'Tattoo Nightmares': Man Gets Wake-Up Call On Offensiveness Of His Burning American Flag Tattoo (VIDEO)

Tattoo artist has seen a lot of ink in her days, but Kevin's tattoo was easily one of the most offensive she had ever seen. It was of a burning American flag, which he'd gotten back in college one night after high. He thought it was awesome at the time, until he got a wake-up call. He came to "Tattoo Nightmares" to get something he could be proud of.

"Kevin explained the moment that opened his eyes. "I was walking home one day and this homeless guy was like, 'Dude, what the f*ck? Listen, if you went down to the VA and you saw the people who had come home, what they’ve given up.'" he said, adding, "There’s a lot of baggage that comes with a tattoo like that."

So Jasmine worked her magic, transforming the burning flag into a beautiful image of an owl perched in a tree. Kevin was incredibly grateful, knowing that now he doesn't have to be ashamed of his tattoo, or worry about how offensive it is to people.

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