11/21/2012 03:17 pm ET

Thanksgiving Music: Playlists For Every Type Of Turkey Day Celebration

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During the final days of autumn we remember myriad things we’re thankful for, including the Thanksgiving holiday itself. What’s better than the modern American tradition of taking the day off to eat turkey and pie with your family while watching football? Although it’s already a close-to-perfect holiday, we can make your Thanksgiving even better with one of our expertly-curated, family-friendly playlists.

Warm, Rich & Autumnal Music
Perfectly capturing the feeling of the fall season, these playlists will instantly put you in a Thanksgiving state of mind.

An Acoustic Thanksgiving
Warm, rootsy, acoustic music to get cozy with on Thanksgiving.

Harvest Moon
A collection of warm acoustic songs, handpicked for enjoying the crisp autumn air, fall foliage, and hot apple cider.

Home Is Where the Hearth Is
Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. Whether you're on your way home or already there, these warm, intimate songs will help you relax and reflect at the start of the holiday onslaught.

American Campfire
A classic folk soundtrack for an after-dinner bonfire with good friends or family. Throw a log on the fire, share a blanket and pass the wine.

Vintage Cooking Music
Cooking a classic turkey dinner calls for listening to some classic music. These fun, vintage playlists will attract everyone to the kitchen.

Good Ol' Time Eatin'
These are good, old songs about food. It's the perfect upbeat soundtrack for cooking comfort food.

Lush and Plush
From World War II through the early '60s, The Golden Age of Big Band Jazz brought us some of the greatest interpreters of song, arguably ever. This velvet sound is the stuff of legend.

Easy Street, Fat City
From the foot-tapping rhythms of early R&B to the slicked-back twang of rockabilly, these vintage tunes will have you dancing in the kitchen.

Soul BBQ
Get down with these soul and R&B classics -- most of which are about food -- at your Thanksgiving barbecue.

The World of Ray Charles
Welcome to the world of Ray Charles, where you'll encounter not only monumental cuts from the man who melded blues, soul, country, jazz, and gospel into a harmonious whole, but also some titanic tracks by Brother Ray's influences, peers, and disciples.

Beautiful Dinner Music
Need some beautiful background music for your Thanksgiving dinner? One of these playlists will do the trick.

Thanksgiving Dinner Jazz
The perfect selection of classic vocal jazz and American standards for a classy Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Classical for Autumn
A sophisticated, earthy soundtrack of classical music inspired by autumn. Listen closely and you'll hear leaves changing color.

Solo Jazz Guitar
Bring together 10 fingers, one guitar, and a head full of jazz, and a whole world will spring into view right before your very ears. Listen to these solo-guitar performances by some of the finest fretmasters ever to sling a jazz axe.

Family-friendly: Classic Hits
Playlists that the whole family can enjoy are crucial for this holiday. Try any of these classic collections of great hit songs.

Songs to Raise Your Kids To
Every kid needs to grow up with great music. These are the classic songs you should sing with (and to) your kids.

Entertaining with Soul
Entertain your guests with this collection of old school R&B, Motown, and soul, featuring the biggest names on the scene in the 1960s and '70s.

Timeless Pop/Rock Hits
Musical styles come and go, but some songs will always sound great. This collection of upbeat pop and rock songs from the '60s, '70s and '80s is perfect for the workday or the weekend.

Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Party songs for a Baby Boomer dad that can be enjoyed by mixed company, even his Millennial kids. Culled from six decades worth of music, this collection is packed with classic party-starters and plenty of worthy surprises too.

The Ultimate Oldies Party
Kick off your shoes and twist the night away to infectiously upbeat songs everyone knows by heart: the most fun rock, soul, and doo wop cuts from the '50s and '60s.

Smooth Grooves
Relax and unwind with these smooth soul and R&B songs (hand-selected by music aficionado, and NBA star, Baron Davis).

Indie Thanksgiving
You can’t always make it to Mom & Dad’s for Thanksgiving; if you’re young and producing your own Thanksgiving dinner this year, you might enjoy one of these indie or alternative playlists.

Sweater Weather
This playlist brings to mind autumn's greatest perk: sweater weather. Spend a cool, crisp day  with friends and this earthy mix of easy-going rock from the '60s to today.

At The Farmer's Market
While you're shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy a selection of indie tracks as fresh as the produce you're buying.

Indie Roots Rock
Songs by indie artists that are strongly influenced by traditional roots rock, bluegrass, and country. Rootsy and rough around the edges.

Autumn on Your Mind
Not simply songs about autumn, but alternative tunes that bear an autumnal vibe, from melancholy piano ballads to rustic folk, these songs will give you that falling-leaves-and-chilly-breeze feeling.

Family-friendly: Today’s Hits
Is your family hip to the new stuff? Then try one of these family-friendly playlists full of today’s hit songs.

Hot 100 (Clean Lyrics)
Since 1958, Billboard's Hot 100 chart has been America's barometer of song popularity. This playlist includes edited versions of the most recent additions to the Hot 100.

Today's Upbeat Country Hits
Nothing but today's upbeat and rockin' country songs. No ballads or soft stuff.

Today's Happy Pop Hits
Need a serious pick-me-up? Feeling blue? This is just what the doctor ordered. Packed with only the biggest and happiest hit songs of the past two years, this playlist will make everything better. Like, 1000x better.

Soft Pop
Enjoy the best soft and soothing pop songs from the '90s through today. The perfect soundtrack to melt away the stress of your day.

Bonus Playlist: If you’re watching football or playing two-hand touch in the yard, get pumped up with Gridiron Glory, our epic-sounding collection of scores from NFL Films and Hollywood football movies.

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