11/26/2012 12:26 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Chris Brown's Vulgar Twitter Attack 'Seems Like Verbal Rape' (VIDEO)

The ladies of "The View" got into a heated argument about Chris Brown's vulgar Twitter attack against comedian Jenny Johnson, with Elisabeth Hasselbeck accusing him of "verbal rape."

Brown attacked Johnson in a series of sexual, graphic insults on Twitter over the weekend. He has since deleted his Twitter account. On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg offered a chronology of events.

"I think it's disgusting first of all," Hasselbeck said in response to Brown's comments. "It seems like verbal rape to me." She said that Brown should be permanently banned from Twitter. Goldberg chimed in to say that he has deleted the offensive tweets.

Sherri Shepherd then gave a different take on the situation and criticized Johnson for engaging Brown. "I'm not saying Chris Brown was right, he was wrong" she began. "But I also say to this grown woman, when you tweet out you're a piece of bleep, what do you expect to get back?"

Goldberg seemed to agree. "I have to say, if you're gonna mess with him, you have to expect to get your head handed to you... If you feel like that and you don't want to fight, don't do that." She suggested that "both were verbally assaulting each other."

Hasselbeck vehemently disagreed. "What he wrote should never ever have to go across any sort of Twitter feed... it was vile, disgusting and I stand by it."



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