11/26/2012 05:13 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Fails To Impress Critics, Viewers As Elizabeth Taylor In 'Liz & Dick' (VIDEO)

After months of anticipation, "Liz & Dick" premiered Sunday night, and the results weren't pretty. The biopic of Elizabeth Taylor starred Lindsay Lohan as the screen legend in a move that also represented a comeback vehicle for the troubled tabloid star.

As the film rolled along on Lifetime, the vitriol from the web was almost immediate. The show was trending on Twitter, and mostly because people wanted to join in the fun of insulting the cheesy movie and Lohan's acting performance.

Lohan herself was online as well, answering questions. She avoided some of the more fun ones -- understandably -- but fans weren't the only ones hating on the film. Critics almost universally hated the film as well. As a comeback attempt, this surely fell short of Lohan's expectations.

So was "Liz & Dick" as bad as everyone is saying? Sound off in the comments and give us your take on Linday Lohan's turn as Elizabeth Taylor.

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