11/26/2012 10:04 am ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

Outrageous Winter Hats From The Fall 2012 Catwalks That We Won't Be Wearing, And A Few That We Will Try (PHOTOS)

Marc Jacobs started off the fall 2012 collections with a runway show that was fantastical, whimsical and had us feeling like we had just stepped into a Dr. Seuss story. His over-the-top set was worthy of a Broadway musical, but what really got our attention was the hats. Perched atop the models' heads, these millinery masterpieces were akin to the toppers that "The Cat In The Hat" was so fond of wearing. Exceedingly tall to the point of falling over under the hubris of their own weight, colorful and made out of materials like velvet, these were not your grandmother's hats.

While we love the fantasy that is part and parcel of runway shows, you won't catch us strutting down 5th avenue any time soon in hats that would have people asking for photo opps. Instead, we will stick the the standard fare: knitted beanies, wool fedoras and faux-fur trapper hats. All are guaranteed to keep our heads warm (don't forget that 70 percent of your body heat escapes through your noggin, so keep it covered), without distracting from the main attraction: your stylish coat-and-boot ensemble.

Here, seven hats that are as fabulous as they are functional.

Style 7: Warm Hats

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