11/26/2012 12:23 pm ET

Rolf Liebermann's Typewriter Symphony Will Blow Your Mind (LISTEN)

What do you get when you combine 16 typewriters, 18 calculators, eight accounting machines, 12 office perforators, 10 cash registers, eight humidifiers, eight tickers, two metronomes, four bells, two entrance door gongs, 10 electric horns, 16 telephones, 40 experimental signal receptors, a fork lift, a duplicator and an elevator? Either this is a truly bizarre garage sale or an avant garde symphony, if you have a talented conductor at the ready.

Baroque composer Rolf Liebermann created "Les Echanges" for the Swiss Expo in 1964. The office materials turned musical instruments create a hypnotic drumline that will make you want to turn in your violin in favor of a stapler. Maybe we spend too much time on the internet but we can't help thinking this mix of genius and gimmick is the perfect combination for a viral goldmine. We only wish Liebermann could have had his epiphany this year; we wonder if he'd give Psy a run for his money.

Listen to the typewriter symphony here and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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