11/26/2012 01:53 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

Tina Reaves, Single Mom, Receives Full Thanksgiving Meal, Cash and Gift Card From Grocery Store (VIDEO)

When word spread around a grocery store that a single mom was looking for a discounted turkey, employees came together to provide a complete Thanksgiving meal for her small family to enjoy.

"It was really amazing that people care so much for someone they don't even know," Tina Reaves of Vancouver, Wash., told KATU News.

According to KATU, just prior to the holiday, the mother of two girls entered a local Safeway store and nervously approached the manager.

"This is probably going to sound very strange," began Reaves.

She asked the manager if an imperfect turkey could be sold to her for less than the store's posted price.

But "instead of a discounted turkey, the manager offered her a 13-pound turkey -- for free," KATU reported. "Other employees gave money so that she could take home rolls, soda pop, stuffing mix, vegetables, fruit, milk, gravy, pies, even a bottle of sparkling cider."

Store employees also rounded up a $10 Safeway gift card and $11 in extra cash they had on hand -- bringing the total cost of everything to more than $70.

“To see [the manager] with a cart full of this… I was speechless,” Reaves said. “I just started crying, and he gave me the biggest hug.”

In addition, a handwritten note wished Happy Thanksgiving to Reaves, who, despite mounting bills that prevented holiday travel to see relatives, plans to donate some of the extra food to charity.

“At first, I felt that I was really unworthy for all of this, and then after a few minutes of crying I realized that there are so many great people in the world," she said.

And what's even better, perhaps, is that Reaves isn't the only single parent to remember that fact this Thanksgiving.

In Rochester, N.Y., Candy Griffin also received a full Thanksgiving meal from her local grocery store, Herrema's Supermarket. She is a single mother of four children.

Additionally, college students in Santa Barbara make a tradition of donating food to low-income households. This year, 150 volunteers gathered and distributed rolls, whipped cream, traditional dressing and more to 150 single-parent families.

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