11/26/2012 01:33 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Today Show's 'Tech Gifts For Women' Segment Is Unintentionally Hilarious (VIDEO)

"The Today Show" made an effort to dispel the myth that techie gifts are just for guys on Cyber Monday, and they did so in the most tone-deaf way possible.

Amongst the must-have tech gifts for women were both a blender and a facial cleanser... you know, just like the ones men are always buying for themselves at the Sharper Image.

The segment was also riddled with lady-fied quips to soften-up the tech talk, including the ubiquitous "size does matter" in reference to a smart television. Finally, adding to the sad irony, anchor Tamron Hall and guest Kelly Wallace couldn't get the last item, a Nintendo Wii U, to work.

Oh, ladies and technology, amiright?

The segment was just one of multiple cringe-worthy moments this morning, not the least of which were Would You Dare Wear Denim Boots and Dress Your Kid Like Suri Cruise. Shudder.



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