Vintage Disney Video Explains "The Story Of Menstruation"

What happens when you combine a Disney movie with sex ed? Now you know.

A 1946 cartoon produced by Disney in collaboration with Kotex illustrates "the story of menstruation," complete with a motherly-sounding narrator, a total avoidance of actual sex information and a terrifying few seconds of cartoon horseback riding.

Ted Pillow of Thought Catalog observed that the most disturbing part of the video is the "disturbed by the portrait of femininity painted by [the] Walt Disney Production," citing the video's insistence that physical well-being and cosmetic appearance are essentially the same thing. "Disney’s thoughts on what it means to be a woman (in 1940s America, at least) are more revealingly depicted in this 10-minute video than in endless reels of fairy tale movies," Pillow wrote. Are you in blinding pain from cramps? "Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself" and put on some lipstick, you'll be just fine, the video instructs. Most importantly, no one will know.

The 10-minute film does accurately debunk myths about bathing and exercising during menstruation and assures female viewers that they will be able to go about their usual activities while on their periods. Unfortunately, the Disney version of a "usual" day in a girls life mainly involves putting on makeup, completing chores, and going on dates.

Head to Thought Catalog for Pillow's full analysis -- and by the way, Ted, you in no way "com[e] across as a stereotypical male regarding menstruation."

CORRECTION: This article originally stated that the Disney menstruation video contained an anatomical mistake. The video accurately represents the functioning of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

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