11/27/2012 07:08 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

'American Chopper': The Fights Seem To Be Escalating As The Series Winds Down (VIDEO)

Fans hoping for a happy ending after a decade with the Teutuls on "American Chopper" are probably feeling more and more hopeless as this final season progresses. While things started off great with that personal bike build that seemed to bring Senior and Junior closer together, it's starting to look like they moved too quickly into a joint business venture.

Now, everything is becoming a point of contention. This week, Jr. blew up after Sr. did designs for a bike on paper. "The way we design is on the lift," he told his father.

In this argument, it seemed that Sr. was trying to be reasonable and accommodating, but Jr. was having none of it. Ultimately, Jr. decided he needed to walk away from the argument.

"That’s why we need to do sh*t like this, so we don’t have this problem like we used to have," Sr. said.

Things aren't looking good as "American Chopper" winds down. The last regular episode is next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery, followed immediately by the road to "American Chopper Live." Then, it all comes to a close on Monday, December 10 and Tuesday, December 11 at 9p.m. ET each with the final episodes, live.

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