11/27/2012 06:04 pm ET

Emily Hartridge, British Blogger, Names 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep The First Date Short (VIDEO)

The First Date Jitters. We all get them. The last time you sweat this much was the last time you went to the gym which was uh... The point is: You're nervous. Will you say the right thing? Will you say too much? Who pays? And what about a kiss?

We hate to say it but -- despite the plethora of dating advice on the Interweb -- there is probably no right answer to any of the questions. If you trust yourself and go with the flow, it will probably work out for the best. According to British video blogger Emily Hartridge, however, there is at least one first date rule that must be adhered to: Keep it short.

Why? To answer that question, Hartridge -- who has previously tackled other age-old questions like when to break up and why you should date a younger man -- offers up one of her signature "10 reasons why" videos. Her 10 reasons include keeping commitment-wary men calm, the (intertwined?) possibilities of getting too drunk and oversharing and, er, making sure that you get to your next date on time.

Watch the video (bonus/spoiler alert: cute toddlers in pajamas at the end!), then give us your thoughts in the comments. Did Hartridge miss any reasons to end the first date early? Or do you disagree -- are long first dates actually a sign of a good connection?



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