11/27/2012 06:12 pm ET

'My Life' Video: 50 Cent Grabs Eminem & Adam Levine For 'Street King Immortal' Single

50 Cent showcases his expert driving skills and classic flow in his new video for "My Life," the lead single off of his upcoming album "Street King Immortal."

The video features vocals from Adam Levine as well as a couple of verses from 50's fellow Detroiter Eminem. The video shows 50 and Eminem attempting to avoid the blinding spotlight of a helicopter chasing them. Eminem does his running on foot while fifty takes the more stylish route, choosing to evade his captors in a sleek, black car. Levine evens out the mix of outlaws, appearing in no way phased by the thick smoke invading his personal space.

The video was shot at Michigan Central Station, an abandoned train station in Dertoit. Video from the shoot hit the web in October though Detroit Urbex. At that time, the film crew said they were shooting scenes for a shoe commercial.

"My Life" has been plagued with release date changes, but 50 Cent tweeted that the album would hit stores on February 26, 2013. "STREET KING IMMORTAL Coming FEB2," he said.

50 also shared his excitement about the album telling his followers he has put his all into the album.

"I will not let you down. I have really been working on this album. STREET KING IMMORTAL will be a classic," tweeted 50 Cent.

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