11/27/2012 07:54 pm ET

Scavenger Hunt Proposal Includes Music, Loved Ones (VIDEO)

We've seen engagement scavenger hunts, proposals set to a special song, and even videos that use friends and family to pop the big question, but we've never seen a proposal that combines all three!

Stephen Kaes did just that this month when he proposed to Nicole Frie, his girlfriend of four and a half years, with a video scavenger hunt. The clues in the video featured lyrics from romantic songs, which were written on signs held up by family and friends.

Kaes told HuffPost Weddings via email that he got the idea for the scavenger hunt while brainstorming with his sister.

I really wanted family and friends that were out of town to still be a part of it so I decided to do the lyric collages at each step ... It presented a fun opportunity to have a family video to remind ourselves of that day and to show our grandkids someday!

After a friend surprised her with the first video clue, Frie was taken to several locations around the Ohio State campus, where she and Kaes met as freshman. At each stop, a friend played Frie her next clue. At the final stop, Frie found Kaes down on one knee.

"I was pretty nervous before she showed up knowing there was so much that could go wrong with such a detailed plan. I knew how we felt about each other and that she would say yes, so once she was there the rest was easy," Kaes told HuffPost.

Kaes posted a 19-minute edited video on YouTube of the proposal. The audience can't hear him pop the question in the video, though. According to Kaes, that was intentional:

"I involved a lot of people in the planning, but that few seconds is something special between her and I."

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