11/28/2012 10:21 am ET

'Flight Of The Navigator' Movie: 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Duo Hired To Write Reboot

Earlier in November, when "Star Wars" director speculation was in full froth, an interview with Colin Trevorrow was unearthed by Film School Rejects, where the "Safety Not Guaranteed" director made it sound like it could maybe possibly potentially be up for "Episode VII."

"I can't speak with any specificity as to what the next thing will be," Trevorrow told Spencer Fornaciari of The MacGuffin podcast back in June. "There are amazing opportunities that have arisen as a result of ['Safety Not Guaranteed']. One of them, I will say, will probably create a good deal of ire against me on the Internet when people find out what it is. So, I just want to say in advance that I promise you, for all those who love the mythology that I will be tackling, trust that I love it as much as you do. And I will respect it, and hopefully make it not suck."

While those June comments were quickly affixed to "Star Wars" in November, Trevorrow shot down the idea on Twitter and then in later interviews. "It's not going to be me for 'Episode VII,' and I can't believe I’ve actually had to come out and say that," Trevorrow told THR this week.

So what was the mythology-heavy project that Trevorrow hoped would not suck? As it turns out, the Disney reboot of "Flight of the Navigator." According to Variety, Trevorrow and "Safety Not Guaranteed" writer Derek Connolly have been hired to rewrite the "Navigator" script, with Trevorrow potentially in line to direct.

The 1986 film, which featured a young Sarah Jessica Parker and the voice of Paul Ruebens, focused on a young boy who gets shifted to eight years into the future thanks to an alien ship. That plot should be in Trevorrow's wheelhouse: "Safety Not Guaranteed," one of the year's most charming indies and a Spirit Award nominee for Best First Feature, dealt with aspects of time travel.

For more on the hire, head over to Variety.

[via Variety]