11/28/2012 11:23 am ET

Guy Fieri Named One Of The Least Influential People Of 2012 By 'GQ'

As the dust still settles from Pete Wells's vicious takedown of Guy Fieri's restaurant, GQ has joined the fray and seems keen on kicking a guy when he's (arguably deservedly so?) down. The magazine named Guy Fieri one of the least influential people of 2012.

He joins the likes of Jerry Sandusky's lawyer, Ryan Lochte and George Zimmerman -- a "collection of people so uninspiring that we should round them all up and stick them on an iceberg," as the magazine describes.

The short justification for the decision nails all the typical Guy Fieri barbs:

  • Mentions his Times Square eatery? Check: "This year the white-trash fusion chef opened his flagship Manhattan restaurant."
  • Pokes fun at tourists? Check: "...tourists for whom Turkey Tequila Fettuccine represents the apex of molecular gastronomy."
  • Mentions a ridiculous (fake?) menu item? Check: "Oooh, a whole lamb bathed in Cheetos dust! FANCY."

All in all, this was not the year for Guy Fieri, at least in foodie circles. But we think he's probably not taking it too hard. A new season of "Rachael vs. Guy" on the Food Network premieres January 6, and Fieri has the likes of Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir and Chili from pop/R&B group TLC on his team. So there's that.

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