11/28/2012 05:45 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Indiana-UNC Loses Lights, Game Briefly Goes Dark (VIDEO)

Maybe someone was just trying to put the Tarheels out of their misery.

Indiana was in the midst of their eventual 83-59 shelling of UNC last night when the lights at Assembly Hall unexpectedly went out. As ESPN's Dick Vitale noted, perhaps even the Big 10 can't escape the throes of the recession.

"Where are the lights, man? Somebody turn the switch on! I bet maybe they didn't pay their electric bill," he said during the broadcast.

Basketball fans may remember a similar electricity malfunction that occurred in February, when the lights went out mid-play during an NBA matchup between the Nets and the Pacers, delaying the game for five minutes.

Fortunately, Tuesday night's blackout occurred during a stoppage in play and lasted only a few moments. Given the Tarheels' lackluster performance, however, UNC fans on Twitter expressed their desire to keep their team in the dark.