11/28/2012 06:08 pm ET

An Inexpensive Winter Clutch Bag That Doubles As An iPad Sleeve (PHOTOS)

Winter is rearing its ugly head, so it's time to accept the freezing temperatures and layer up. Although there are tons of luxe knits, wool pants and suede booties to choose from, most of us don the same winter coat day in, day out. Although we might be hiding an amazing cardigan under our jacket, our day-to-day attire can quickly start to look repetitive.

An easy way to change up your everyday look is with accessories -- and a great place to start is with your handbag. Although people associate clutches with light summertime looks, they are actually a perfect choice for winter weather. With bulky coats and tons of layers, purses often don't fit over our Michelin Man-like arms. Adding a clutch is a cinch, since they are found in just about every size, shape, color and price. Bonus: Many clutches are large enough to fit your iPad, so in its off-duty time, your new bag serves a purpose (how's that for reasoning!).

Click through our slideshow to see ten great winter clutches for under $25 -- sadly, there's no iPad included.

Winter Clutches Under $25

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