11/29/2012 07:08 am ET Updated Aug 12, 2013

Travel-Friendly Beauty Products To Pack When Flying High (VIDEO)

Paparazzi not included.

I have three weeks until I head home to South Carolina for Christmas. And while previous run-ins with TSA security has influenced the way I style my natural hair, I'm sure we can all agree that flying at high altitudes can impact our entire beauty routine. That is, if you go beyond throwing on a big pair of sunnies and whipping your hair into a ponytail -- no judgment here. But if you want to look your best when flying high, here's some advice.

BellaSugar beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson shares four travel-friendly beauty products in the video above that are sure to help you step off the plane like a Hollywood star (paparazzi not included). Tackle dry and dehydrated skin with a super rich moisturizer that easily spreads on, or slick on your favorite night cream to remedy extreme loss of moisture. An antioxidant-packed facial mist works wonders to add an instant glow to your complexion, plus you can spritz over a bare or made-up face. A tiny pack of facial towelettes won't add bulk to your bag, but will maximize your efforts to keep your face and hands clean. And when you are expecting a special someone to meet you at the arrivals section, mini toothbrushes that include a dollop of toothpaste take the stress out of getting a fresh smile.

Which travel-size beauty products are always in your carry-on? Tell us in the comments section.

Meanwhile, click through the slideshow below to see which celebrities airport style inspire our fashion editor Christina to put more effort into her look.

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