11/29/2012 06:12 am ET

'Arrow': Oliver Meets His Match In Crime Daughter Helena Bertinelli (VIDEO)

"Arrow" continued its string of episodes introducing other characters from the vast DC Universe. This week, Oliver finally met his match in Helena Bertinelli. She's good in a fight, has a wicked sense of justice. Yes, it was The Huntress.

The daughter of a local crime boss, Helena hates what her father does, and started to wage her war on him when she was certain that he had her fiance killed. When it all came out, it turned out he'd killed the fiance because he thought he was gathering evidence to take him down. But it was Helena's laptop in his bag, and Helena's evidence to take her father down.

She and Oliver bonded over their similar fates as people judges by the deeds of their father who don't want to be like them. But is Helena's cause truly different than Oliver's? He told her it was because she was driven by revenge instead of justice.

"Sometimes revenge is justice," she said. "We’re the same you and I."

Oliver disagreed on that point, but he did agree that the sexual tension was just too much as the two started to passionately kiss. His sister wanted him to have someone he could open up to, and now he has two people: Diggle and Helena. Arrow's got his own "Scooby Gang!"

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