11/29/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Internet Explorer Ad: Microsoft Mocks Trolls And Commenters, Touts Browser Progress In New Commercial (VIDEO)

Hey, commenters: Microsoft has read your best Internet Explorer insults, and it doesn't think you're very original.

Microsoft lightly mocks Internet trolls and commenters in a new video advertisement released to YouTube this week, acknowledging the frequent, often juvenile criticism of Internet Explorer while arguing that said trolls and commenters should give IE another look.

The ad -- titled "Do you know this guy?" -- is a funny, self-aware winner from Microsoft, whose advertisements have been garnering praise in some corners as of late.

You can watch it below. WARNING: This just might hit close to home for some of you:

This commercial is part of Microsoft's "Browser You Loved To Hate" campaign, which asks Internet users to throw out their preconceived notions of the old Internet Explorer and establish the new Internet Explorer as a robust, capable browser that can compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The reason for the campaign is likely IE's faltering web presence. While Internet Explorer enjoyed market share of over 90 percent as recently as 2004, it has since steadily slipped as savvier web surfers switched to more advanced browsers. By most measures, Internet Explorer is currently battling Google Chrome for global lead in usage.

You can check out the original video and find more "Browser You Loved To Hate" ads on Internet Explorer's YouTube channel; the geekier among you might also get a kick out of Microsoft's "Karaoke Web Standard" page, a quick joke from the commercial above that Microsoft actually built a clever website for.



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