11/29/2012 04:47 pm ET

Joy Behar: Are Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie 'Still Hot For Each Other?'

The normally very private Brad Pitt has been opening up a lot lately, talking about turning 50, wedding plans with Angelina Jolie and the pressure the two have been under from all their children to finally say "I do." So did Brad just suddenly get very chatty, or is something else going on? TV host Joy Behar thinks it's the latter.

"Brad Pitt is out promoting a movie, so guess what he’s talking about? Marriage. He does that every time he has a movie," Joy Behar said on the set of her Current TV show, "Say Anything." "He’s always promoting a movie when he does something like that."

Joy herself tied the knot for the second time just over a year ago after being with her boyfriend, Steve Janowitz, for 29 years.

"Why should they [Brad and Angie] be any happier than the rest of us?" Joy asked. "Let them get married already ... I was married before this. Remember that? I’m having a flashback to the first one."

Despite her own long journey to the altar, Behar says she thinks Brad and Angie should be married by now and wonders about the message the couple is sending to other folks.

"All the gay people want to get married. No straight people want to get married anymore, what is this?" Joy said. "Here’s my question about them, do you think they are still hot for each other? They have been together now how long, 10 years? Hello, seven-year itch, it’s over. Mine was a two-year itch."

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