11/29/2012 08:32 am ET Updated Nov 29, 2012

Megyn Kelly Incredibly Amused By New Fox News Graphic (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly couldn't help but notice Fox News' breaking news graphic on Wednesday.

When the graphic appeared on screen during her program, Kelly seemed a bit frozen. "That was a new alert," she eventually said through laughs. "It scared me a little bit!"

Kelly later introduced guest Chris Stirewalt on to the show, but first addressed the new graphic. She broke down in hysterics when he agreed that the new Fox News alert was scary.

"So, what did you think of the alert animation? Did it scare you?" she asked. Her producers aired the graphic again as Kelly intensely giggled. "Look at that! It's terrifying!"

Kelly has collapsed into giggle fits on her show in the past. She lost it when discussing a local news reporter who was fired after her employer found out she worked part time as a stripper. She also cracked up during her show when her segment was suddenly interrupted by a technical glitch.

(h/t Mediaite)



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