11/29/2012 12:44 pm ET

Todd Akin Fires Up Email List To Fundraise Off Jamie Foxx Reference To 'Lord And Savior' Obama

Outgoing Missouri congressman and failed GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin reemerged this week, emailing supporters in hopes of raising money to pay off outstanding campaign expenses. His pitch: Entertainer Jamie Foxx inexcusably mocked Christianity over the weekend by referring to President Barack Obama as "our Lord and savior," and Akin is the man to speak out against that, provided he has the money to do so.

Here's the full text of the email, via Slate's Dave Weigel:

Article after article has been written about a no-name filmmaker who produced a short video mocking Islam.

How much do you think will be written about an Oscar winning Hollywood star mocking Christianity.

Friends, I may have lost the Senate race, but I do not plan to stop speaking out about the problems facing our country, and I encourage you to do so as well!

Thanks for all you do, in particular your recent help in getting our last few remaining campaign bills paid promptly. We're making great progress on that front, but could still use your help if you can donate $10 today!

While earlier reports suggested that Akin's campaign was in solid financial standing, especially considering the national controversy he kindled with his notorious comments about "legitimate rape," we won't know the current status of his expenses until Dec 6., when he files his final campaign finance report.



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