11/30/2012 12:45 pm ET

Adoptable Puppies From Lifeline Puppy Rescue This Week (PHOTOS)

This week there is another litter of adoptable puppies available at Lifeline Puppy Rescue.

The puppies include heeler mixes, pit bull mixes, sharpei and hound mixes -- all of them adorable and under 16 weeks old.

Adopting a puppy from Lifeline frees up space in the no-kill shelter to rescue more puppies, but if you aren't ready to adopt yet, remember you can always make a donation instead.

Call Lifeline Puppy Rescue's hotline at (303)-655-9696 or email for more information about a puppy. Some of the puppies available for adoption may be in foster care. All of Lifeline Puppy Rescue's puppies are $200 and include 30 days of pet health care insurance, a free veterinary wellness exam at over 55 participating vet clinics, and pet training referrals. Adopters will receive $50 back if they prove the dog has been spayed or neutered. You must be over the age of 18 to adopt.



Adoptable Puppies This Week