11/30/2012 04:42 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan's Fight: Will Actress Be Barred From New York Nightclub?

If you or I got arrested outside a trendy Manhattan nightclub for allegedly throwing a punch, it would be fair to assume we wouldn't be welcomed back. That is not the case with Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan, a regular at the Chelsea hotspot Avenue, was banned from the club earlier this year following an incident in which she tweeted that Justin Timberlake was seeing another woman that wasn't his wife, Jessica Biel. But after Lohan was arrested for hitting a fellow patron there early Thursday morning, the club's staff has not issued a similar statement.

"It goes to show that talking publicly about a celebrity behavior inside the club is far more important than a actual behavior," one nightlife fixture told The Huffington Post, asking that we didn't share her name for fear of being banned. "The message is, you can punch someone, but if you talk about it, you will get barred."

Avenue's owner and publicist did not return calls seeking comment. However, other clubs' representatives and owners were happy to say Lindsay was still welcome at their establishments.

Matt Levine, co-owner of Cocktail Bodega and the Sons of Essex, says Lindsay is not barred from any of his restaurants and lounges. Shadow PR, which represents some of the finest hospitality ventures in the city including, 1-OAK, Butter, The Darby, Abe & Arthurs, Catch, The Chandelier Room and Tenjune, also made it clear Lindsay is still welcome.

"It takes a lot for a celebrity to get banned from a cool club in NYC," one insider said. "It’s for sure a case of one rule for Lindsay and another for everyone else."



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