11/30/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2012

Midlife Stars Are Rising In Hollywood

What do top-Hollywood earner Tom Cruise, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and rock star Keith Richards have in common?

They are all celebrities “of a certain age,” still dominating their respective fields.

CNN recently put together a segment explaining how aging celebrities are changing the face of fame, putting to rest the notion that only the young embody Hollywood glamour.

America’s 80 million non-celebrity baby boomers are helping their favorite childhood stars stay in the spotlight through buying concert and movie tickets, according to the video.

“Right now you’ve got a serious financial problem with Millenials,” said Lesley Jane Seymor, editor-in-chief of More Magazine. “You now have to wake up and say, ‘Let's see, whose got the money to go to the movies?’ It’s people who have some economic power, and it’s not going to be just the 20-somethings.”

The Rolling Stones, who sold out several shows for their new tour in a matter of minutes, are an example of stars at the top of their game, even 50 years into their careers.

Keith Richards explained that the band remains successful because there is still demand for their product.

“Who will call it quits will be the public, not us. When they say, ‘We’ve had a enough of you,’ we’ll disappear gracefully,” Richards said.

Seymour said it's unlikely that stars like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen will fade into oblivion anytime soon.

“The baby boomers did change everything," she said. "They created the ‘youth’ generation. But guess what, when you hold onto that power economically and in the press, you don’t let go just because you’re 60. You keep it going!”



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