12/01/2012 10:58 am ET

Steven Spielberg's Tear-Jerking Moment During the Making of 'Lincoln' (VIDEO)

After watching the film "Lincoln" -- which she calls a "masterpiece" -- Oprah sits down with Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg. One part of the movie that Oprah calls to Spielberg's attention is when Abraham Lincoln -- who is played by Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis -- says, "...Not just for the 4 million, but for the generations to come." She says that the line moved her because she recognizes that she herself is a "part of the generations to come." She then asks Spielberg if he cried at any point while filming the movie....

"Daniel's always made me cry," he responds. "I think the first time [I cried] is when he gave his very, very long and important explanation of why he needed to get the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery passed as Constitutional law." Spielberg says that at that point, he moved to another room so that no one else could see him crying, since getting emotional in front of everyone is "not a good thing" for a director.

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