12/02/2012 03:30 pm ET

'Revenge' Winter Finale: Gabriel Mann Teases 'Major' Character's 'Unceremonious Exit' From The Hamptons

Things are heating up in the Hamptons, but a major character won't be around to witness it.

Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross on "Revenge," is unsure whether or not it's permanent, but someone will be leaving the show tonight after the winter finale.

"It’s always hard to tell with this show if it’s a permanent exit, but we will see one of our major characters have an unceremonious exit from the Hamptons — and I will not even begin to hint at who that is," Mann tells

"We will also see the return of a triangle, but maybe with not the same characters that we’ve seen before," he teases, adding, "that’s not even mentioning Nolan‘s potential triangle."

Now that Nolan's former flame Marco may be back in the picture, things could get messy with his new love interest, Padma.

"Nolan doesn’t necessarily have any idea what to do in a situation like that. Quick with a quip as he is, this may be even a little bit too much for him to handle. Though I’d like to think he always has five irons in the fire," Mann explains. "He’s used to dealing with psychos one-on-one, but you start to dog-pile him and his reactions take a really interesting turn. I love the concept of a very complicated bisexual love triangle that is unapologetic -- and that’s exactly what this is ... But it’s not going to be easy. It’s actually incredibly complicated with Padma, Nolan and Marco."

As for his relationship with Emily (Emily Van Camp), Nolan isn't sure what to make of his BFF's attitude towards him in recent episodes.

"At this point, everything that his character has done has really been in service to the Clarke family -- both David and Emily -- even just in terms of his willingness to sacrifice his company to continue to protect her and keep her safe," Mann says of Nolan. "That said, it is hard to figure out the long game in this. But I would say even up until now, where we are in Season 2, his intentions and affiliations with her are being tested for sure. There’s definitely some jealousy there with Aiden."

But will anything happen to Nolan, Emily or Aiden in the highly-anticipated 13th episode, where the Amanda goes down and some of its passengers sink with her?

"I would say that there could be any number of bodies -- we certainly have enough established characters at this point. And the Amanda‘s a medium-sized craft, so I think she could handle any number of passengers," Mann laughs to "It’s actually going to be quite shocking."

"Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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