12/02/2012 03:22 pm ET

'This Week' Roundtable Debates Susan Rice, Benghazi Attack (VIDEO)

A heated debate broke out on Sunday's "This Week" over the White House's handling of Benghazi and the potential nomination of Susan Rice as secretary of state.

The roundtable was discussing the partisan split over Rice's candidacy. Republican lawmakers have opposed her nomination over statements she made about Benghazi in talk show appearances shortly after the attack.

Senor criticized the White House's handling of Rice, who has been scrutinized by the media, saying, "She gets all the downside of being a nominee without any of the infrastructure and administration support for her."

Rattner argued that Rice did nothing wrong in the aftermath of the attack, and that she merely told the American public the information that had been given to her by non-partisan intelligence agencies.

Later, Senor said that "there's no full airing" of what happened in Benghazi, prompting cross talk between the panel members.

"Hold on, hold on one second!" Stephanopoulos cried out. "That may be true. But is it really about a Sunday show? There are legitimate questions about what was the security situation at the mission in Benghazi, why wasn't there more security, but that's not her job."

Rattner said that Benghazi was one issue, and Susan Rice was another. "I don't believe that what's being done to Susan Rice right now is fair. It's politics, it's ugly, it may force the president not to nominate her but I dont think it's fair."



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