12/04/2012 10:51 am ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

The Easy Way To Decorate Cookies

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If holiday baking is on your list of things to do this season, but the thought of your shaky hand holding a piping bag is stressing you out, we've stumbled across just the solution for you. Approach cookie decorating with the precision of a surgeon and let it be stress-free: dump the piping bag and grab a syringe.

Piping frosting with a bag can be a nightmare if you don't have the practice. (And many of us home bakers exercise our skill once a year, around the holidays.) Between getting/keeping the frosting in the bag and applying the right amount of pressure, decorating cookies quickly goes from fun holiday activity to the worst idea ever.

When you use a syringe, you have more decorating control. The only downfall is that you'll have to refill the frosting more often -- but that's a small price to pay for well-decorated (and stress-free) holiday cookies.

If burning, not decorating, cookies is your Achilles heal, we've got a solution for that too. Holiday baking is going to be easy this year.

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