12/03/2012 03:37 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Mark Sanchez Buttfumble Jersey: Jets Fan Wears Custom Shirt During Game In Which QB Is Benched (PHOTO)

New York Jets fans have recently worn their heart on their sleeve when it comes to their frustrations with Mark Sanchez, but one particular fan chose to wear his opinion of the embattled starting quarterback directly on his back.

During Sunday's abysmal performance against the Arizona Cardinals, a Jets fan was spotted wearing a customized Mark Sanchez jersey with the word "Buttfumble" above the number -- a reference to the hilarious fumble that occurred when No. 6 ran into the rear end of guard Brandon Moore in the Jets' Thanksgiving night debacle against the Patriots.

The fan's need to memorialize the buttfumble in thread form is sure to irk Moore, who previously told ESPN New York that he's tired of hearing jokes about the play.

"I've seen it enough," he said. "It's not something you want to be part of."

The embarrassing highlight serves as a microcosm for New York's underwhelming season and isn't unlikely to go away anytime soon, especially given Sanchez's weak play against Arizona.

After throwing three interceptions and zero touchdowns, Sanchez was benched in the third quarter in favor of Greg McElroy, who ultimately led his team to a 7-6 win on the only touchdown of the game.

As the Associated Press notes, Sanchez was benched "for the first time in his NFL career." Coach Rex Ryan will now decide whether he wants to keep Sanchez as starting quarterback for the upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I’ll let you guys know who’s going to be the quarterback when I’m ready to,” Ryan said, according to AP. “We’ll look at our situation and evaluate as the week goes on.”