12/03/2012 06:49 am ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

'The Walking Dead' Fall Finale: Michonne Discovers The Governor's Secret, Brothers United (VIDEO)

"The Walking Dead" was determined to leave fans hanging on the edge of their seats with this mid-season finale. The undead smash hit won't be back with new episodes until February, but it certainly went out with a bang. The fall finale featured a long-awaited reunion and the debut of one of the most popular characters from the comic series.

As if Michonne wasn't enough, Tyreese made an unexpected debut this week. The fan-favorite character was with a group of survivors in the woods and just happened to stumble into the prison complex via a hole in the fence and gate -- presumably on the other side from where Rick's band of survivors was hanging out.

Rick and company, meanwhile, were successful in rescuing Glenn and Maggie, though they lost track of Michonne for a bit. She had some unfinished business with the Governor. But while waiting for him, she discovered his hidden cache of zombie heads, as well as the undead walking corpse of his daughter.

Once she found out who this child walker was, Michonne coldly killed her, sending the Governor into a rage. The ensuing battle cost him an eye, but Andrea arrived to finish him off. For those keeping track, Andrea still has no idea that her old group was ever in Woodbury -- the one guy she saw was the prisoner who came along and promptly died, as expected.

When Rick and the gang got out, Daryl didn't make it. Instead, the Governor decided to use him as an example to rally his people. He also decided to throw Merle under the bus, telling the people of Woodbury that Merle had been in cahoots with Daryl and his group the whole time, and that he'd let them in. Now it looks like the two brothers are going to have to face off gladiator-style, which is not the family reunion either was imagining.

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