12/04/2012 05:46 pm ET

Cat On Treadmill Really Wants To Work Out, Runs Alongside Owner (VIDEO)

Watch out, Richard Simmons!

This enthusiastic kitty just wants to work out with it's owner. If the fact that even this feline is up for a brisk jog isn't enough of a reason to break out the running shoes, we don't know what is.

Although the treadmill's speed at times gets the best of the intrepid kitty, it always climbs game for one more try.

Added to Reddit on Tuesday, the post has 2,511 up votes so far, while the YouTube video has attracted over 150,000 views. According to DecentFunTV, which posted the video, the cat's name is Lyusya and its owner is Marina Panikhina, of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Plucky Lyusya is not the only cat to climb onto an exercise machine, but there's something about the cat's determination that is pretty amazing.

And yes, we've seen the "Corgis on a Treadmill" video.