12/04/2012 02:00 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2012

Debby Ryan Covers 'Superstition' With Brenna Whitaker (WATCH)

Original Song: Stevie Wonder's 1972 Motown hit "Superstition"

Cover Artist: Singer and "Jessie" star Debby Ryan featuring Brenna Whitaker, as part of her "Ryan River Sessions" YouTube series.

How It's Different: Instead of one male vocal lead, Debby's cover uses two female vocalists and tones down the Motown vibe so that the cover feels more like a chill funk-rock song.

Why We Love It: Debby brings a fun, fresh edge to a 1970s classic, so that it feels totally new again.

Better than the Original? It's hard to rival the great Stevie Wonder, but Debby's cover can definitely hold its own.

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