12/04/2012 07:56 am ET

'Intervention': 64-Year-Old Alcoholic Wishes Brain Damage On Her Daughter (VIDEO)

"Intervention" looked at a 64-year-old alcoholic. Sandi drank gin, beer and wine several times a day to the point she'd been hospitalized over it. Doctors told her she was basically killing herself, but that didn't stop the alcoholism. In more recent months, Sandi admitted to attempting suicide..

Her daughter, Andrea, grew distant from her mother and cold due to constant emotional abuse. Sandi had left her an angry voicemail when Andrea didn't visit her in the hospital.

In it she said, "You are my worst nightmare ... Son of a b*tch, I wish your f*cking head was damaged at birth and Ron came out normal!” Sandi was referring to her son Ron who was born with birth defects.

During the episode, Sandi defended the message, saying, "I meant every word of it."

During Sandi’s intervention, Andrea did stand for her mother, breaking down and begging her to to to rehab. Sandi did, and has now been sober since June 2012.

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