12/06/2012 06:15 am ET

'Arrow': Helena Bertinelli Makes Her Move To Take Down Her Father (VIDEO)

It was a dark Bertinelli reunion on "Arrow" when father and daughter faced off in the darkness. Oliver had tried to bring Helena to his way of getting justice for the city by taking down its corrupt leaders, but she had revenge on her mind. His way just wasn't going to do it for her, despite her growing romantic feelings for him.

Still angry that her father had her fiance killed -- he falsely believed her fiance was giving information to the government to take him down, when it was actually Helena herself -- she went about crippling his crime organization. In the end, she turned the Japanese Triad against him, leading to a brutal battle at the Bertinelli home.

In a final confrontation outside, Helena revealed she was doing this so he could feel a bit of what he'd done to her. Once again, though, Oliver intervened and saved his life. In the ensuing battle between Helena and Oliver, her father shot his daughter.

Arrow carried Helena to safety, and made sure the information she had collected put her father away for a long time. But even that wasn't enough to satisfy her thirst for revenge. She rode off into the night, angry and certain to return.

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