12/06/2012 02:25 pm ET

Grey's Anatomy's Divorces: The Good, The Bad And What We Learned

If we had to describe the doctors of 'Grey's Anatomy' in one word, we’d go with "experienced." In almost every way (professionally, romantically, etc.), they have lived. Like, really lived. Take Derek (Patrick Dempsey) for example: How many people can say they’ve been married, cheated on, a cheater, divorced, remarried via post-it, actually remarried, chief of surgery, shot, an adoptive father, a plane-crash survivor, and then after all that, had to pull the plug on their best friend? Answer: Not many. So, like we said, they’re definitely experienced.

Example number two: Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Owen has seen a lot of trauma in his time. He has loved, he has lost, he’s succeeded, and now he’s making the ultimate sacrifice by divorcing Cristina (Sandra Oh) for the sake of the plane-crash lawsuit. And so with the Owen-Cristina divorce looming ahead (assuming they go through with it), we decided to take a trip down a not-so-upbeat-and-yet-still-light-hearted memory lane: the divorces of Grey’s Anatomy. Here’s what they taught us:

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