12/07/2012 06:07 pm ET

British Paraorchestra Performs 'True Colors' With Kaos Signing Choir And Paralympic Athletes (VIDEO)

Over at Love That Max, Ellen Seidman blogs about "raising kids with special needs who kick butt." To that end, she posted this tear-jerker of a video last night -- children of all abilities, ages 4 - 18, singing "True Colors."

The performers are the British Paraorchestra, which describes itself as "an orchestra defined by what you hear, not what you see," the Kaos Signing Choir For Deaf And Hearing Children and athletes from the British Paralympics team.

They would have had us weeping at the opening lyrics ("You with the sad eyes...") no matter what, but this version opens emotionally with with soloist Lyn Levett. According to Paraorchestra's website, Levett has cerebral palsy and cannot speak. Yet, she sings those emotional opening words through her computer, for the very first time.

The Kaos Signing Choir and Paraorchestra gained global attention when they performed at the Olympics and Paralympics this summer -- and, with "True Colors," they are hoping for a holiday hit. Charles Hazlewood, Paraorchestra founder, said in a press release: "The song 'True Colors' played by disabled musicians, sung by deaf and hearing children and supported by Paralympians captures the longing and the joy of being seen for who you truly are. I'm crossing everything in hope that the great British public will get behind the single, as they did with ParalympicsGB and support the mission. What better way to celebrate Christmas!"

The recording is available on iTunes and sales of the song support all three participating organizations.

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