Cosmo Hot Reads: Cosmopolitan & Harlequin To Produce E-Books -- Here Are 12 Title Suggestions

Erotic novels and Cosmopolitan seem like two peas in a pod. So the fact that Harlequin, best known for its bodice-rippers, is teaming up with Cosmo, a publication best known for its "534 Ways To Please Your Man"-type articles, to produce erotic e-books should come as no surprise.

The New York Times reported that the series will be called Cosmo Hot Reads, and that Harlequin will release two 30,000-word titles each month starting in May 2013. The series will capitalize on the commercial success of "50 Shades of Grey" and according to Harlequin, will be targeted toward “free-spirited women” who embrace an “outgoing lifestyle.”

Cosmo editor-in-chief Joanna Coles summed up the focus of the series in a written statement: “This is fiction for the modern girl negotiating modern love -- with all its unpredictability and complications!”

However, not everyone is so impressed with the prospect of Cosmo Hot Reads. Jezebel's Madeleine Davies predicted that the series might just be plain boring:

... have you ever read the erotic fiction feature that already exists in each issue of Cosmopolitan? If not, let me sum it up for you: "But he was my boss." There. That's the basis of all of their milquetoast sex fiction and who knows if their e-books will go the same way.

The jury is still out on the quality of Cosmo Hot Reads, but we're going to assume that the new e-books will have some pretty interesting titles, similar to Cosmpolitan's headlines.

Here are 12 titles we think could be featured in the series:

1. "647 Shades Of Grey You Should Be Wearing"

2. "The Girl Who Was On Top"

3. "A Season For 245 Different Ways To Orgasm"

4. "The Magic Of Flattening Your Tummy"

5. "The Man With 12 Naughty Secrets"

6. "A G-Spot Awakening"

7. "The Bedside Astrologer That Could"

8. "The Secret Power Of A V-Card"

9. "Portrait Of A Hot-Spot"

10. "Damsel With An Untamed Va-jay-jay"

11. "Return Of The Shirtless Bad-Boy"

12. "The Hunter Who Had 98 Sex Moves"

Any titles you'd suggest to Harlequin? Let us know in the comments!



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